Early and Mid Career Researcher (EMCR) Committee

Dr Caitlin Hitchcock
Dr Hitchcock is an ARC-funded Senior Research Fellow at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, and Senior Affiliate at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge. Dr Hitchcock leads a clinical research programme which translates basic cognitive science toward improved treatment practices, by advancing understanding of the cognitive mechanisms that underpin mental health, and drawing from experimental cognitive science to develop novel therapeutic interventions. 

Long Le
Long is a Senior Research Fellow at Health Economics Division, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University. His research focuses on evaluating economic benefits of interventions for prevention and treatment of mental health.

Jack Wilson
Jack is an NHMRC funded PhD student at the Matilda Centre, The University of Sydney. In the final year of his candidature, his research aims to investigate how cannabis use impacts on people with opioid use disorder (OUD). Jack has held previous research roles at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) and the Addictions Department at King’s College, London.

Alana Fisher 
Alana's broad research interests are in enhancing our understanding and delivery of evidence-based best practice in mental healthcare consistent with individual preferences, needs, and life circumstances. Her current program of research is concerned with the development and evaluation of interventions to support informed consumer choices around uptake and engagement with digital mental health treatments. 

Nompilo Moyo
Nompilo is a PhD candidate in Nursing at La Trobe University. His research interests are 1. Mental health nursing workforce and patient outcomes, 2. Reducing restrictive practices in inpatient mental health settings.

Michelle Tye
Michelle is a Senior Research Fellow at the Black Dog Institute. Her research aims to improve the coping abilities and safety nets of people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, and prevent suicidal behaviour, by developing and testing innovative, scalable interventions. It also aims to build a better understanding of how suicide occurs within the community. Her research is interdisciplinary, spanning epidemiology, psychology, public health, and implementation science to achieve these aims. 

Lauren McGilivray
Lauren is a postdoctoral research fellow and registered clinical psychologist. In 2018, after working in private and primary mental health care as a clinical psychologist, she joined Black Dog Institute, University of New South Wales, to work on LifeSpan – Australia’s largest suicide prevention research trial. Lauren is currently working in youth suicide prevention within school settings and evaluating the efficacy of a mHealth intervention for reducing suicidal ideation in young people.

Adriana Nevarez Flores
Adriana is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Group at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania. Her research interests include the functioning and quality of life of people living with a psychotic disorder, suicide prevention, seasonal affective disorder and other mood disorders. 

Katrina Prior
Katrina is a Research Fellow within the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use at the University of Sydney. Her research focuses on the interrelationship between mental health and substance use disorders, particularly anxiety and alcohol use disorders, to inform the development, evaluation and implementation of innovative evidence-based prevention, early intervention, and treatment programs.

Sonia McCallum
Sonia is a research fellow at the Centre for Mental Health Research within the Australian National University. Her research focuses on understanding and improving mental health in children, youth and parents and ensuring help is sought when needed.  Currently she is working on developing a new intervention to assist parents in recognising and responding to mental health problems in their children.

Bernard Leckning
Bernard is interested in research that advances the epidemiological and clinical understanding of suicidal behaviours and how this can inform prevention.  He is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Black Dog Institute working within the Crisis and Aftercare stream of the Centre for Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention to develop a program of research focused on improving suicide safety planning in Australia.  He also continues to be involved in the Child and Youth Development Research Partnership (CYDRP) between the Menzies School of Health Research and NT government agencies to develop research using a large-scale repository of linked administrative data that investigates health, social, educational, and welfare outcomes for children and young people in the NT.

The SMHR EMCR committee’s goal is to help support early and mid career mental health researchers. They do so by organising knowledge building and fundraising events and initiatives which aim to support the fellowships, project grants and travel awards offered by the society, as well as raise awareness of the society and the important work being carried out by its members.


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