SMHR ECR project grant award winners 2016

The Society for Mental Health Research is proud to announce the winners of the 2016 ECR Project Grants:

Research only


Dr Trevor Chong

Costs and Benefits: Defining the neurobiology of apathy in Parkinson's disease

Dr Janette Tong

Advancing biomarker discovery in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Dr Gregory Armstrong

Preventing suicide in India by improving media reporting of suicides.

Dr Timothy Schofield

The effects of media portrayals on stigmatizing stereotypes and mental health

Dr Tamsyn Van Rheenen

Characterising cross--‐diagnostic cognitive subgroups in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

Dr Gabrielle Campbell

Suicide and chronic pain in Australia: a retrospective mortality study

Dr Michelle Tye

Exploring early pathways to mental illness and related harms: An implementation feasibility and acceptability study

Dr Yann Quide

Impact of childhood trauma exposure on inflammatory and stress responses among affective and non-affective psychotic disorders

Dr Liana Leach

Identifying the psychosocial conditions of ‘work at home’ caring for an infant? What are the potential links with postnatal depression and anxiety?

Dr Louise Farre

Keep it clever? Keep it healthy! Piloting a new method to treat mental health problems in young people at university

Dr Magenta Simmons

Development of a theoretically and empirically driven framework for peer work in youth mental health.

Dr Deborah Mitchison

Prevalence of Eating and Body Image Disorders in Adolescent Australians: Toward Diagnostic Reform



Dr Tracy Burrows

A personality based intervention for treatment of addicitve eating behaviours

Dr Heather Francis

Diet, inflammation and mood: An intervention study and a causal analysis of physiological mechanisms

Dr Shuichi Suetani

A comparison study of three physical activity measurement tools examining acceptability in people with psychotic disorders

Dr Oliver Schubert

Genomic and Proteomic validation of a gene expression module associated with poor response to lithium in Bipolar Affective Disorder