This award is bestowed to “rising stars” in mental health research. That is, persons whose work is beginning to make a significant impact on the national and international scene, reflecting either scientific excellence or public impact (or both).

Criteria for the Award: The nominee will be a current financial SMHR member. The award is evaluated using NHMRC category descriptors for track record and is based on publications, grants, and impact. It is expected that the nominee is at least 2 years and less than 7 years (as at 31st March 2023) from the date of the letter advising that their doctoral thesis was passed, unless career disruptions exist. Contribution to SMHR will also be considered. Persons on the SMHR Executive are not eligible for this award.

Details of the Award: The award includes a certificate and payment of conference registration fees at the 2023 annual SMHR conference. The awardee and their work will be featured on the SMHR website.

Obligations: The successful applicant is required to attend the 2023 SMHR Conference. They will also be given the option of presenting at the 2023 Conference in Perth.

Award Sponsor:  The Australian Football League (AFL)

Nominations should be sent with subject heading “Rising Star Award” to:
The SMHR Association Office via – smhr@wsm.com.au 

Due date: 15 September 2023 by 5pm AEST

Application form: Rising Star Award 2023