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smhr ecr mentoring program

What is the SMHR mentoring program?

The SMHR mentoring program is a semi-formal, time-limited program (12 months) in which a mentor and a ‘mentee’ are matched for the purpose of facilitating a mentoring relationship. The main goal of the relationship is to provide a supported environment in which the mentee can advance their skills, knowledge and experience, and identify and develop a career plan, with the help and guidance of one who has been there before!

The SMHR Early Career Researcher working party would love to hear from you if you believe you could be a part of this program. The aim would be for (a) initial expressions of interest/involvement to be collated by the mentoring program committee, (b) matching the mentors and mentees by areas of interest and specific aims, (c) an informal “get-together” in Canberra for potential mentors and mentees. The program would start officially in early 2014.

Would you like to be a mentee?

The SMHR mentoring program is set up for those who consider themselves “early career researchers”, and who seek greater communication with researchers who are well established in their careers.

The main role for the mentor is to support the mentee in (i) the development of generic skills, such as grant identification and writing, reviewing scientific papers, or improving presentation skills; (ii) providing career advice, such as opinion on research options, or managing life/work balance; and (iii) field-specific requests, including technical or clinical information.

Could you be a mentor?

Would you be willing to help an early career researcher to advance their knowledge, efficacy, confidence, and career?

Mentoring is a vitally important aspect of any field of endeavour and we are seeking senior mental health researchers who would be willing to share a little of their time and expertise to mentor early career researchers. This relationship can be a very positive experience for both the mentor and ‘mentee’.

Importantly, there are defined limits to the expectations of the mentor/mentee relationship to ensure that involvement in the program does not place undue stress on mentors and their time, and does not become a proxy for work or academic supervision.

Please indicate your interest in the SMHR ERC mentoring program by contacting Natacha Carragher, or Emma Barkus, the mentoring program co-ordinators, via the SMHR Contact page

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