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SMHR ECR Award 2015 FAQs

Please find below some frequently asked questions regarding the 2015 SMHR ECR Award:

UPDATED 25 March 2015 - Q1 and Q2

Q1:     What is the total amount of the award and what can it be used for?

A1:      The award total is $75,000 for salary support, for the ECR applicant, and $25,000 for research expenses ($100,000 in total).  Applicants with existing salaries will not be able to use the SMHR Award to offset their existing salaries and use the flow on savings to support project grants (research assistants etc).

Q2:     Salary of applicant

A2:      It is noted that $75,000 is not likely to totally cover an individual's salary. The $75,000 was based on a NHMRC PSP3 salary scale. In line with NHMRC's expectations, it is expected that the applicant's institution will cover the gap between the $75,000 and the institution's salary scale as well as cover on-costs (e.g., superannuation, payroll tax, etc.). A letter from the Head of Department detailing salary support is required. 

Q3.    Meeting eligibility criteria      

A3:     Eligibility criteria must be met on the date of submission on the 31st March 2015

Q4.     PhD or doctoral thesis           

A4:      All applicants must already have had their PhD or doctoral thesis passed by the higher education institution.  The pass date pertains to the letter that is received from the higher education institution indicating that the degree has been passed.  A copy of this letter has to be submitted with the application as supporting documentation.  The thesis has to be passed before the 31st March 2015.

Q5.      I am on a fellowship, but it finishes later in this year, can I apply?

A5:      Eligibility criteria must be met on the date of submission of the application on the 31st March 2015.  If you are a current Category 1 Fellowship holder on the 31st March 2015, then you would, unfortunately, not be eligible to apply for this round.   We are hopeful that there will be future rounds of funding.

Q6:     What to do about references in Section C4 of the application?

A6:      We have recognised that the current version of the application form does not have sufficient room for references.  A separate one page can be used for references. This page can be merged with the application form so one  PDF document can be submitted. 

Q7:    What to do about tables and figures in Section C4 of the application?

A7:     The format of this version of the application form does not allow for tables and figures to be included .  A separate one page can be used for tables/figures.  This page can be then merged with the application so one PDF document can be submitted. 

Q8:     How can I become an SMHR Member?

A8:     SMHR has just updated to an online system for payment of membership fees.  Fees have to be paid before submission of the application.  Please see here for more details.

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