Supporting researchers

The Society for Mental Health Research is pivotal in supporting our current and emerging leaders to carry out critical national and international research in mental health (including mental ill health). 

Research cannot occur without funding.  As the peak body representing mental health research in Australia, the Society for Mental Health Research plays a key advocacy role in encouraging governments, policy makers and other key stakeholders to channel much-needed funding into mental health research and mental health researchers.  Our members benefit from these efforts, as together we have a louder and stronger voice than we do individually.

To members, we also offer the opportunity to publicise their ongoing research studies to the general community, acting as an additional tool in raising the profile of individual researchers both within and outside the mental health research community.  We are grateful for the participation of generous volunteers in our research projects, who play a crucial role in advancing our knowledge of mental health.

Our annual conference is an opportunity for mental health researchers to showcase the latest advances in our understanding about the causes, prevention and treatment of mental health problems.  Held in December of each year, the Society for Mental Health Research conference has a particular focus on encouraging the active involvement of emerging research leaders, and latest scientific research results, in a bid to bridge the gap between research and translational efforts.  The Society also works with Industry sponsors to recognise the contribution of outstanding early career and established researchers via a series of prestigious awards to our members.

The Society for Mental Health Research has a strong focus on encouraging new and emerging researchers to consider a career in mental health research.  To that end, we offer a high quality formal mentoring program that links early career researchers with established mental health research leaders, provide formal and informal networking opportunities with national and international mental health research leaders at our annual conference and in the time between, and schedule an early-career specific workshop at our annual conference to address key professional development issues for this important group in our workforce.

The Society for Mental Health Research is always looking out for ways to better engage researchers and the community in our efforts.  We encourage interested researchers to join our Society, and look for feedback from our members on how to improve our role.