Research profile


Dr Simon Rosenbaum

Almost everyone will have experienced, or know someone struggling with, mental health issues. We take a look at what the funding from the Society for Mental Health Research has helped researchers achieve. Here with Dr Simon Rosenbaum from the University of New South Wales.”

Hi Simon, could you tell us a little about your research program?

My research investigates the role of exercise and physical activity in the treatment of mental disorders.

What have you been able to achieve during your fellowship?

During my fellowship I have been able to research novel ways of integrating clinical exercise programs within psychiatric treatment facilities. This has included investigating the link between muscular fitness and psychosocial functioning in young people with early psychosis, development of a new physical activity questionnaire for use in clinical settings, and the role of physical activity in the treatment and prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder.

What impact has your research had?

Our work has been covered by both local and international media, both in print and through radio interviews. In addition to conducting research, the fellowship has allowed me to play an advocacy role in promoting the integration of physical activity within mental health treatment services.

Is there anything you may have not been able to do without the funding?

Almost all of it! Without the fellowship, I would have had significantly less time to devote to research.

What are the broader implications of your research?

I am confident that the work we are doing is contributing to achieving an ultimate goal of ensuring that lifestyle interventions including exercise and diet become an integrated and standard component of treatment within mental health facilities.

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