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Dr Nina McCarthy

“Almost everyone will have experienced, or know someone struggling with, mental health issues. We take a look at what the funding from the Society for Mental Health Research has helped researchers achieve. Herewith Dr Nina McCarthy, from The University of Western Australia…”

Hi Nina, could you tell us a little about your research program?

My research aims to identify genes that play a role in schizophrenia.

What have you been able to achieve during your fellowship?

During my fellowship I have been able to pursue research into ways of subtyping schizophrenia using a number of different measures, including genetics, in large Australian cohorts.

What impact has your research had?

My research in this area is still in the early stages, but I

was very pleased recently with the invitation to give a talk about my research at the world congress of psychiatric genetics annual meeting in October in Israel.

I was also excited to be able to attend a workshop organised by the Meeting for Minds organisation to discuss the field of mental health research with people with lived experience and other researchers in the field.

Is there anything you may have not been able to do without the funding?

Without this fellowship from SMHR, I would not have been able to conduct this research. Our researchhas made important contribution to the growing evidence base for the genetic architecture of schizophrenia.

What are the broader implications of your research?

The broader implications of my SMHR-funded research will be a better understanding of the biological causes of schizophrenia, and exploring whether these might not be the same in all people with a diagnosis. This will assist in better understanding disorder trajectory, and ultimately improving health outcomes of those living with this mental health disorder.

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