How can one help?

You are choosing to support a wonderful cause!

Almost everyone will have experienced or know someone struggling with mental health problems at some point in their life. Your support is helping to find new ways to treat and help people with mental health problems.

We have developed a “Host Kit” demonstrating some ways that you can help promote and raise funds to support ground-breaking mental health research. This kit (hyperlink to the host kit download) contains everything you need to know to get started, including activity suggestions, guidelines and information about your responsibility as a fundraiser.

You can access the kit below


How can donating to SMHR make a difference?

$40 will provide 1 hour of clinical treatment to a participant in a research trial.

$100 enables a research participant to access an online treatment program.

$500 will cover the cost of a cutting-edge brain scan to explore how the brain is affected by mental illness


Thanks for choosing to help mental health research