Join us to raise money for mental health research.

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where will the donations go?

The funds raised through “Mental As” will be invested in mental health research, funding Australia’s next generation of emerging research leaders to seek breakthroughs, progress and cures.  SMHR has established a Grant Review Committee who will work with the Society to review and allocate the funds (through a competitive grants process) to early career mental health researchers.  This Committee will be co-chaired by Prof Philip Mitchell AM and Prof John McGrath AM, both of whom are current NHMRC Research Committee Members.  An Advisory Committee will oversee the process of application review and funds allocation and will be chaired by Prof Allan Fels AO, Chair of the National Mental Health Commission.

SMHR is working with these committees to finalise the processes for disseminating the funds raised by the Mental As Campaign.

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More information about research currently being conducted by Early Career Researchers can be found here and there's information about the research they'd like to do here

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