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In support of Mental Health Week, from 4 - 11 October 2015, ABC is once again going Mental As, encouraging all Australians to start talking about mental health, to seek support and to give money to fund research to find better mental health solutions.  

Throughout the week, the best of ABC programming focused on mental illness, health and wellbeing - on TV, radio and online.

SMHR is incredibly proud to be once again partnering with the ABC for this amazing week.  In 2014 Mental As raising $1.5 million for mental health research - to help support the next generation of Australian researchers, to help find new breakthroughs, more effective treatments and better support for Australian's with mental-ill health.  Find out more details on the Early Career Researchers who were supported by the funds raised in 2014 here 

“Research is the key to better knowledge, detection and treatment for mental ill-health, just as in all forms of potentially serious illness,” said Professor McGorry AO, President of The Society for Mental Health Research. “Thanks to medical research, mortality and recovery rates in cancer and cardiovascular disease have significantly improved, there are earlier and improved diagnostics and safer, more personalised treatments that have transformed the lives of people living with cancer and cardiovascular disease.” 


“These gains are yet to be won in mental illness, which is the last frontier in medical research,” McGorry said. “With a similar focus and investment in mental health research, and translation of new knowledge into the frontline of care, we will begin to see the same benefits in better survival and recovery in schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and other major mental illnesses.  Australia is showing the way in this global challenge.”

For more information about the amazing programming across the ABC during Mental As, please head over to the Mental As website

To make a donation to mental health research you can:

Visit the donation website here

SMS Mental As to


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