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the society for mental health research

The Society for Mental Health Research (formerly known as the Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research, ASPR) is an Incorporated Association, registered as a health promotion charity with DGR status.  The Society aims to prevent mental illness by:

  • Arranging a multidisciplinary Australasian forum for presentation and discussion of psychiatric and mental health research;
  • supporting and assisting mental health research, and researchers;
  • assisting mental health researchers to be informed about research developments;
  • facilitating networking, sharing of information and collaboration between researchers of different disciplines of psychiatric and mental health research;
  • assisting education, training and raising awareness of mental health issues, particularly developments arising from research; and
  • encourage and support the inclusion of psychiatric and mental health issues in the development of health policies, funding and services.

Membership of the Society for Mental Health Research is open to any person engaged in psychiatric research or who wishes to support any of the objects of the Society.  Please see the Membership Page for details on joining The Society for Mental Health Research

More information about the history of our society is available here

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